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Lazer Fluorocarbon PVDF / Tipet Line 100m or 30 m


Codice: 264550383117
Categoria: braided line
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lazer fluorocarbon pvdf line 30 m. fiber, almost invisible in water. this is due to its coefficient of refraction of light, almost identical to that of the water. characterized by high wear resistance, significantly higher than conventional multifilament fibers. produced by special technology of extruded polyvinyl defluorid (pvdf), it actually has a higher density than water and therefore is more...Continua a leggere qui>>

N.B: Il prodotto visualizzato e' venduto da: all-for-fishing (Vedi Negozio) che ad oggi ha ricevuto: 25302 commenti di cui positivi: 98.1%, negativi: %.

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