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Ultime news:

Shimano Hyperloop RB Match/Spinning Fishing Reel


Codice: 264176695438
Categoria: spinning/fixed spool reels
Media voto: /5 su voti totali.

this shimano hyperloop 2500 rb fixed spool reel is lightweight, reliable, features anti line twist and a rear drag. the dynabalance and varispeed line lay systems eliminate vibration, ensure a smooth action, and fewer line twists. weighing just 245g, the hyperloop has a gear ratio of 4,6:1 and one ball bearing. ideal for match angling and...Continua a leggere qui>>

N.B: Il prodotto visualizzato e' venduto da: all-for-fishing (Vedi Negozio) che ad oggi ha ricevuto: 24126 commenti di cui positivi: 98.9%, negativi: %.

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